Wednesday, 20 March 2013

3 responses to technology.

The days & nights, we used to spend creating drawings, using drafting tools and techniques, during early college days, are still fresh in my mind.

It was then that this question hit my mind hard, and it is still with me.

"Why do we use computers?"

Since my college days (i.e.2002-2003), there have been innumerable arguments regarding this, with senior faculty members, students, professionals and sometimes with CAD users. I have got varied responses but one thing in common was that we talk less about "why we use" and more about "what we use".

The world that we see today, is not what we got from the Mother Nature, it is our own transformation of 'what we got to what we made'.
Human species is special, because we can adapt to nature and reuse it for our own comfort. This is the reason behind the importance of Construction Industry.

In India, Building Construction is one of the fastest growing and highly active domains among many professions. We design, discuss, calculate and build, but do we really use the appropriate technology for all these steps? We consider Construction professionals to be important because they deal with the savings of a lifetime. BUT do they really accept the importance of 'technology' in their profession?

There are three prominent responses that we face when we talk about latest technology.

The 1st: why do we need to learn something new when we already know and work regularly?

We know them as comfort zone lovers?

The 2nd: if students start using such an easy tool/technology won't they stop thinking and being creative. 

We can understand their concerns for students and their creativity but by using outdated technology or not using technology at all, does it guarantee 'the students would be highly creative'?

The 3rd: my software is best because people talk about it the most.
We are often surprised by such arguments.

Does that mean Poonam Pandey is a better actor as compared to Irfan Khan?

So, why do we really use technology for construction jobs?