Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Top 9 Myths about BIM in India

Like all other things, the first step to learn BIM is Unlearn what is not BIM.
We have tried to list top 9 Myths of BIM in order to help our students "un-learn".

# 9 – BIM is a name of some software.
Truth – the term BIM is all about the thought process of the building industry professionals and the way they use computers to create their primary product (which is building - drawings are 'just' byproducts) the best. There are dozens of software available for BIM and there will be hundreds more, in coming years.

# 8 – BIM is a recent technology and underdeveloped.
Truth – BIM as a technology existed since 1984, the term used then was Virtual Building.

# 7 – BIM is difficult to learn.
Truth – If one knows a little about how buildings are built, BIM is going to be a childs play for them. It requires willingness to work and learn new things. If you love your comfort zone, BIM is not meant for you as learning, using and mastering BIM will challenge your comfort zones. The biggest effect of BIM is on the way we design and document buildings. Because of its Multi-Layered approach and data rich nature it doesn't allow a single error to go unnoticed. The best way to go about it is “Clear understanding leads to better output”.
Unlearning the drafting way is the most important first step here.

# 6 – BIM comes with a big price tag.
Truth – BIM as a technology is as reasonable as conventional way of using computers, yet one can extract more benefits from it. The byproducts (drawings) of construction process becomes byproduct here as well. BIM doesn't come in a BOX, if you learn to exploit it, it will give you Drawings, BOQs, Details, 3D Documents, Energy Consumption Data, MEP data, 3D Views and Walkthrough, Furniture details and what not and remember it doesn't come in a BOX but all these can come 'out of box'.

# 5 – BIM is useful only for large building.
Truth – Any built form requires 100s of workers on site and more than 10 different agencies to complete the work. If a building requires materials to get build and if those materials costs, yes you need BIM regardless of size, complexity and scale of the project. If the building process requires labour than you need BIM. If the building has got some life span (which obviously the case) you need BIM. While buying a vehicle we consider owning and operating costs isn't it ? why don't we need the same building ?

# 4 – BIM is just another way to draw.
Truth – Its actually easier for an Architect or Interior Designer or Plumbing consultant to visualize, discuss and try various design options in 3D when they are sure that their Plans, Elevation and Sections are taken care by the BIM – i sometimes feel i am gifted with a magic wand when i can design more without worrying about correspondence of various drawings and informations as BIM does that for me. BIM is the way we built our buildings and perceive them. We never see buildings in TOP, BOTTOM or ORTHOGraphic view, isn't it ? They are just ways of expression that help to document our buildings. Similarly drawings in BIM are just documents of the Virtually Built environment.

# 3 – BIM creates only 3D models.
Truth – BIM can be used to create smart and intelligent building models and not just boxes unlike the conventional way of computing. It also creates plans, elevations, sections, details and material quantities and can also update them with the smallest of change anywhere in the building. So, no tension of upgrading elevation or section after a design change in plan :)

# 2 - BIM would block creativity.
Truth – It is not that old technology to create 3D Models using limited tools and library, it is the way of Virtually building the building before you start building on site, this little move may help to rectify the problems that can happen on site. There is no compulsion to built the virtual building in conventional ways, in fact creativity and right attitude towards technology helps to expand your boundaries. There is also no compulsion to use the in-built libraries or objects, you can create your own. Its allowed and possible.

# 1 – Learning 2D Drafting is compulsory for learning BIM.
Truth – The concept of BIM is far above 3D box modeling, learning 2D was a compulsion to extrude shapes to create 3D box, BIM is not a 3D box. BIM is a building model comprising all the Information regarding built mass such as 2D drawings, 3D details, Visual Presentations, Material Listings and Schedules of components as well as system. Those who advocate learning 2D drawings before BIM have certainly not understood BIM or may be they just want to overlook the reality to earn more ?!

Its been observed always that our assumptions stops us from learning & exploring new boundaries.

We are trying here to break free few assumptions about BIM which might help us 
rise above together.