Friday, 13 December 2013

ArchiCAD In India

It’s been more than 8 years since i have started using ArchiCAD, the initiation though happened to due to my curiosity for a software that helps me design faster and better instead of forcing me to draft and re-draft.

The software scenario in India have always been like following what your seniors in colleges use or about which software you hear the most. However, i consider myself fortunate enough to have a question since my college days regarding what suites me better and what helps me more rather than following what a software sales person is trying to impose upon me. I was aware that being a user and architecture student it’s me who has to decide and not the fancy marketing tricks or super imposition.

This curiosity and choice have always helped me in a long run. Being an authorised trainer and reseller for ArchiCAD since 2008 in Gujarat, India last few years have been very tricky for us where we used to talk about ArchiCAD as BIM tool at various institutes and seminars in the absence of Official GRAPHISOFT India Distributor.

The darkness era finally ended and India too has a national GRAPHISOFT Distributor Officially appointed few months back, what is more exciting is we have signed a reseller agreement with the new distributor and have already upgraded our first customer and are in process of upgrading few more within this month. We hope to see the ArchiCAD 17 user community grow in 3 digits soon in India and also new users coming and adopting world's first BIM product which is in market since 1984.

Hoping to see more interaction happening on ArchiCAD India and dimension plus pages regarding ArchiCAD.